Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Photo Essay: Sunder Nursery Secret - Scent of a Bargain

Delhi's most beautiful and inexpensive flower nursery that nobody knows.

[By Mayank Austen Soofi. This article originally appeared in the Outlook magazine]

Here's a secret too delicious to keep locked between the teeth and the lips. Adjacent to Humayun Tomb bloom fragrant roses, curvaceous tulips, and snow white dahlias - all available at bargain basement prices. This is Sunder Nursery, India's largest government nursery. Twelve Poppy sticks can be plucked for a mere Rs. 36, whereas the florist at nearby Khan Market sells a single, day-old Poppy at Rs. 30. More importantly, the rates remain constant, Valentine's Day or not.

Spread across 67 acres, Sunder Nursery however attracts only about thirty visitors a day. "People don't know flowers are inexpensive here," observed Ms. Ram Pyari, a gardener for the past twenty years. In February, daily sales were Rs. 2500 even as the Khan Market florist made more than twice during the same period.

"Prices outside are horrendously high," concurred Mrs. Jeet Seth, a regular visitor. "But I love this place chiefly for its space, ambiance, and tombs." These are not the only temptations. "What joy it is to pick colours of your choice while arranging a bouquet in the mind," added Mrs. Seth. "Sunder Nursery is indeed a paradise. Buying flowers here is a rewarding experience." Shhh, it's a secret.

The Nursery Scenes - space, ambiance, and tombs

The Nursery Scenes - Ms. Ram Pyari, a gardener for the past twenty years

The Nursery Scenes - Mrs. Jeet Seth, a regular visitor

The Nursery Scenes - Officials of the Orchard

The Nursery Scenes - The Grass Cutters


Flowers said...

Good writeup and pictures. A great nursery - sadly, not well known. We have found lots of flowers there.
- Tabish

malik said...

amazing pictures and the captions are even better.

sabu said...

i jst came across ur blog... ur essays and ur pictures have completely striked me! and ur art of telling each story which potrays reality of everyday life!! i havent really been inspired by any one so to say! be it actors or leaders or faces tht we see everday when we open up our televisions etc.... talent is really hidden!!! i was thinking of taking to photography as a hobby or doing something new...

thank god i came across ur blog... have a great future! - ALSABA

Rajiv said...

hey man ,do u need a servant???

mujhe rakh lo ,genious ji :D

Rishab Mahajan said...

Hello Everyone
NOTICE-Sunder Nursery is No Longer CHEAPER Infact now they ask rates ABOVE Market Price!! In Janakpuri a Areca Palm comes in RS 125 but at Sunder nursery same they were asking Rs275!! A rose plant comes in Janakpuri for Rs45 in Sunder Nursery they asked Rs70 for same plant.Most horrible was Dahlia price which is for 40-45rs they asked Rs80!!I went sunder nursery on 2nd Jan 2011.I had gone Sunder nursery with hope to buy LOTS of plants but wasted money for transport.I donot know but on billing counter I found something very nasty that bill books were placed in trash I know because I went to other room for checking manures?