Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Review – Parikrama, Delhi’s First Revolving Restaurant

Delhi view from ParikramaDining in the thin air.

[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; picture by Ville Miettinen]

If a revolving salon is judged by its views and height, then Parikrama (rotation for Hindi), 240 feet above Connaught Place in Antriskh Bhawan, scores an A grade.

Opened in 1991, it is Delhi's oldest and India's tallest revolving restaurant. "We carry the idea of rooftop dining a step ahead by presenting not one but all sides of the city," said GM Rajneesh Khanna.

So let's dine and do Dilli Darshan. Ignore the dumpy interior. Sip Fruit Punch (Rs 70) while gazing at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Feel uninhibited if the Jama Masjid dome inspires you for mutton Salakhi Kebab (Rs 260). Even non-vegetarians must try the crisp yet soft Paneer Tikka (Rs 150) and Bharwa Aloo (Rs150). Revive spirits with the hearty Tandoori Chicken (Rs 260) if the glistening Bangla Sahib gurdwara makes you contemplative. Is that silver ribbon of Yamuna stimulating visions of Sole? Have Fish Tikka (Rs 280). Yearning for Dal Makhani (Rs 150) and Chicken Biryani (Rs 240) while spotting trains at New Delhi railway station? Trust instincts while choosing the main courses. Order Tutty-Fruity (Rs 70) in advance so it is served before you reach the window peeking out at Central Park.

After 90 minutes of sightings, you would complete one parikrama. It's okay if you don't want to leave yet.

Meal for 2 Rs 650 Timing 12:30 pm to 12 am Ph 23721616


Anonymous said...

It's a truly yuk restaurant. Except the views, but then one enjoys those because there isn't an alternative, unless one were to imagine the West View view to be nice. But that's obviously because this restaurant feels a lot like what one imagines the Ministry of Bacterial Sarcophagus Pneumocystitis of the Indian Government would feel. I'm sure it's the only one of its sort in town because the dirty buggers won't let anyone better (=practically anyone else) have the licence to build one. Sod all!

Meenakshi Singh Chauhan...a.k.a. Minx, said...

Soofi honest answer required - is anonymous right about the food. I have always wanted to go and after reading your piece even more so but if the food sucks i won't!

Birdie said...

Hi Mayank, been reading your posting for quite some time now!! Great snaps and great articles... This one on parikrama is true, but only about the views. I remember going to the place regularly in the early '90s and the place was the hippest joint in town. Of late, after shifting to Delhi, i ventured again into the place. It STINKS! the food is actually BAD, OVERpriced, and tasteLESS.

The views are ofcourse absolutely stunning, but then th food spoils it all!!

Keep the peace and keep those wonderful articles coming!

Birdie said...

Hi Mayank,

Love your blog! I have been a regular visitor for quite some time now. The articles and photographs are absolutely fantastic.

Parikrama WAS good at a point of time. I remember my parents making a point to take new guests in town there. the place now has BAD food, it STINKS, OVERpriced and tasteLESS.

The only thing what one should look forward to, is the view. It is quite a stunner. 60 mins of visual bliss!

My suggestion: go, eat the cheapest thing on the menu, and savour the view for the next whole hour!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hie i have been to this place a number of times and i know it is a little expensive but the food is good and the view is amazin so whether u like it or not i really like it so go n checkout for yourself . bet u wont regret

ps dinner time has long waiting so get a reservation and be on time.

Ankit said...

i just loved this blog...photographs and collection is fantastic..information is usefull and relevant..

a perfect 10/10 blog...

Anonymous said...

Well, even though if it is such a - so called - yuk - restaurant, it would be worth to atleast get a panoramic view of Delhi from this place.
I am looking forward to have a meal at this place someday to capture this view.
Thanks All for the mixed reviews provided here.

dilpreet said...

the view is stunning.STUNNING im mean!

had many means in MANY rooftops..but id ont know..the view from parikrama has its own charm!

the food yes is ok-ish.nothing greta.and sum dishes are outright bad! and yes it is overpriced according to their quantity...

but then again.

teh view does make up for it.
it deserves atleast one visit.
just to feel tht view.