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Mayur Vihar Phase II – Exploring East Delhi's Deep Underbelly

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Temple in Mayur Vihar

Your guide to Trans-Yamuna’s elite address.

[By Julia Dutta; an advertising professional, she owns the blog Xebecbooks; picture by Ravindra Nath Munshi]

If you are in a tearing hurry to reach Indirapuram, via Noida Mor, be warned. You can not arrive at Indirapuram without a massive traffic jam. Why? Because at the next traffic signal from Noida Mor, the traffic is going to Mayur Vihar Phase II.

Home to those who could not afford the more elite addresses in South Delhi, trans-Yamuna was perhaps the only way out to have a roof over one’s head in the early 70’s. Thus, grew an enormous number of buildings, most carelessly made and poorly designed, called Mayur Vihar Phase II. This stands on the other side of DDA’s Sanjay Jheel, which was reduced to a lake, by dumping soil and building straight without a foundation or a plinth in most cases.

DDA must prove the true meaning of their abbreviated name and there are no prizes for guessing that - Delhi’s Dumb Association, of course. (It is actually Delhi Development Authority) The buildings in Pocket A have water seepage problems, which reach ceiling level. But all is not unwell. There are those sturdy ones like Pocket B as well. In fact, there are six pockets in Mayur Vihar Phase II, A – F.

The best is Pocket E where the cost of a 3-bedroom flat is well over a crore now. Reason? Don’t you know? The highly publicized Commonwealth Games are just around the corner. If you are thinking of investment, this is where you should be. Buy for 1 crore and see it double in just two years.

Alas, you are not an investor. You are merely a shopper. Then, here it goes - Mayur Vihar has three large Shopping Centres, one in Pocket A, B and C. In fact there is one in Pocket E as well. But no one visits there. The one on Pocket B, is right on the road as you enter Mayur Vihar Phase II or leave from there. Watch out for Mischief Cyber Café, HDFC Bank, Sweets & Spices, and Bikaner Sweets. Subhiksha too. Also notice hoards and more hoards of property dealers. Beware. Many may pinch your pockets though.

Do not miss Virmani Hospital, where I believe more patients die than see the light of day. Mayur Vihar Phase II is ironically full of hospitals and pharmacies. Wonder why? Is it the habit of the doctors to keep patients forever sick or is it the practice of the people living there, not to give up on terrible cases of quacks. Unfortunately, if you fall sick in MV II, you had better consider yourself dead. There is an absolute dearth of good reliable doctors there.

Let that be as it may, the DDA Shopping Complex is active till late hours of the night, with the Wine & Beer shop and men with just too many beers in their belly. For that “leg” with one peg, one has to take a drive to Pocket A market. There, the tandoor runs hot -burping out one after another tandoori chicken. Enjoy.

If you have had the time to arrive early, then do visit the Ganesh Temple, which is where all the South Indian communities go to. The temple rubs its shoulders with the Ram Mandir next door but no big following there. Ganesh temple is also the hubbub of much commercial activity outside the temple. Please buy your Leo Coffee straight from Chennai at the vendor sitting right outside the temple with a spread of South Indian favorites. Do not miss the pure sweets and mixture made at the temple complex itself, during Deepavali. The finest basen laddoos, babughosha and mixture are available here - made in pure desi ghee.

Not a problem for our Bengali babu too. He does not have to travel all the way to Chitto Park during his famous Durga Pujo. The famous Kali Mandir in Pocket F has its own Durga, Kali and Saraswati pujo, complete with jatra and Bengali food spread to buy. Do not ever miss the egg, chicken, mutton rolls. They are just like what you can gorge upon at Gariahat in Kolkata.

But the prize of Mayur Vihar Phase II is the Sanjay Jheel. Built by DDA with a promise to make the visitor have the boating experience of the Delhi Fort, it is still waiting for the public to pour in. And while that is taking time, the hoodlums are having the time of their lives. Go there at dusk to walk in the vast jungle of eucalyptus trees around it, if you want your mangalsutra snatched.

Or if you want to ask a tree cutter to transport that huge eucalyptus tree he has just cut down to your house. I must warn you he might refuse because he is under the connivance of the Delhi Forest Division to cut the tree while the world sleeps. It means that the huge jungle of eucalyptus trees planted around the Jheel is not only depleting the soil but also filling the pockets of those who freely cut and sell. Don’t blame them. They are merely cashing on a crop that is after all a cash crop.

On the other side of Mayur Vihar Phase II, please welcome, Trilokpuri, the site where the Sikh massacre took place following India Gandhi’s assassination in 1984. But you are not supposed to tarry too long there. After all, those are the pariahs of Delhi, while you who lives in Mayur Vihar Phase II, is the elite in trans-Jamuna area. Never mind, if Mayur Vihar Phase I and Patparganj who are near you are also claiming the same status.

Fast Facts

Bus Routes from Mayur Vihar II to Connaught Place via ITO – 349 from Pocket C Bus stand.
Bus Routes from Mayur Vihar II to Delhi Gate – 348.
Bus Routes from Mayur Vihar II to South Ex – 543.
Many chartered busses connect you to Nehru Place, Bikhaji Cama Place and Connaught Place. There is also a regular flow of RTVs to Shastri Park Metro Station.

Sorry, but you are a Delhi Walla. You always travel by car and give back to the city what you take from it - lot of fume. And foul words.

[This article was written for The Delhi Walla]


Anonymous said...

It is a very well written article.But the author is wrong about Sanjay Jheel. I take evening walks every evening there and no one has snatched away my mangalsutra. Is the author sure of her facts.

Ajit said...

DDA must prove the true meaning of their abbreviated name and there are no prizes for guessing that - Delhi's Dumb Association, of course.

How about 'Dismal Dregs of Architecture'?

Or 'Dreadfully Dull Administrators'?

Or even 'Delhi's Doom Awaits'?

Anonymous said...

One usually feels South Delhi is overhyped and that one is not really at any sort of an advantage living here. Just higher rent, higher bills and more pollution with the added trouble of the local Punjabis drowning in Honda Accords and fake Pradas. But when one reads things like this one, it definitely feels better to be here than across the filthy river.

Ajit said...

Is the author sure of her facts?

Hey ‘Anonymous’, JD is an ad person.

NEWS FLASH: They exaggerate!

Just kidding, Ms. D! (But not much...)

Anonymous said...

The person who has wrote about mayur vihar phase -2 does nt know that he/she is referring to the most sought after DDA colony in Delhi.I would suggest him or her to brush up their knowledge with the latest facts.I feel sorry for people who write without substantiating their facts.The person has just blabbered and nothing more.If you want to benefit someone,start engaging in some productive activities like coming up with solutions to issues than just complaining.People like you are also called hypo******. thanks

Anonymous said...

Well written article. I think i've to get comletely agree with Mayank about the condition of sanjay jheel.Its situation is getting worse with the common wealth games are getting nearby. jheel has turned into dirty, stinking water. Trees are vanishing day in day out. Every morning you will find people from nearby areas come for defecation.

Anonymous said...

The story is true to a large extent.Everything has grown over here. population ,cars , shops,ATMs ,chemists along with insensitivity ,insecurity ,apathy, professionalism and uncultured crowd.

since long I am looking for a true guru who can teach me classical vocal hindustani music.but my search has been futile ! Can't I find one !! Isn't it a sorry state of affairs !!!

Anonymous said...

if there is seepage in ur dda flat ur vry unlucky because dda is helpless,lachar,deendukhi ki adalat(dda)nakara nikamma nalayak organisation

Anonymous said...

the author , although speaking the truth in quite a few places, has over exaggerated the negative aspects of the area and not even mentioned the many positives the area has. the fact that it is well connected to the metro feeder service, and the peace and tenquility of the area compared to other areas of delhi are missing. the author also has not done a background study of the people of the area, because they are not as much in a pathetic state as portrayed in the article.

Aman said...

1) Mayur Vihar Phase 2 is an example to Indians demonstrating Secularism and Unity of India where all communities live together. Mumbai should envy.

2) Who say roads are poor in Mayur Vihar, I dont see such wide roads in London even.

3) The doctors and medical services are very good and very useful.

Anonymous said...

i think that the author has never visited the place or ever met someone who lives here, i have been living in delhi from the past 7 years and still think that it is one of the green, quiet and clean place in delhi, which is well connected to the rest of the more visited places, leaving you with a fact that irrespective of living in the capital of the country (pollution, traffic) u can still cherish the eco-friendly living style, open places, parks, trees, wider roads and a lot .....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Mayur Vihar Phase 2, i have been staying here since past 25 years and i have never seen a better place than this in entire delhi. South Delhi just boasts about its locality and gentery, good for those who can afford and have to maintain their status, un neccessary show off. Delhi has many many good residential colonies and i will surely say one is mayur vihar phase 2. Pocket E, yes is heart of phase 2, Pocket B is well made, developed and with every single facility next door, what you can think of. What else you need.
> Safer than many posh colonies of delhi
> Minimal of power cuts, we get them very rare
> Every facility is not more than 2 minutes away from you
> Decent blocks (A - F). Every place has its share of badness, and such one thing mayur vihar have is, TRILOK PURI, KALYAN PURI. So its very simple, AVOID THAT ROUTE.
> Restaurants (CCD, SLICE OF ITALY, BIKANER), Hospitals, Pharmacies, Banks (SBI, AXIS, PNB, HDFC), every possible ATM
> Nice open clean wide resedential area one can think of in delhi.
> Sanjay Jheel, good for morning and evening walks. Avoid noon and night, time for lovers ;)
> Temples, Mosque, Church, Gurdwara
> Metro stations (Mayur vihar phase 1, yamuna bank, akshardham, laxmi nagar), waiting for one to open in phase 2 soon :(
> Regular rtv's, buses, charterds, auto stand, taxi stand.

So much to mention. And everything mentioned is not even 2 minutes away from you. After staying here from last 25 years, i dont find even one negative point about this area. Yes its built by DDA, whatever DDA has done, people are happy and sustaining well. Every one is staying happy as per his pocket. So no complaints. I have been to every state of INDIA, every metro, remote locations, hill stations. Nothing like delhi and of course after so much of praise i have done, nothing like mayur vihar phase 2. I would love to spend my rest of life here only. We are planning to buy second home, but always in jinx where to go leaving this place. And prices in mayur vihar phase 2 are to look out for, alarmingly high and getting more day by day, thanks to CWG approaching :(. Routes leading to Mayur vihar phase 2 have been made so wonderful now, no jams, no red lights, wide open roads.

Enuff enuff enufff..... enuff of property dealer job, but read this article and could not stop my self :)lol...... so in short, those of you planning to buy a home, MAYUR VIHAR PHASE 2 is ideal location and one of the best in Delhi.