Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bombay 26/11 - Pakistan for Mumbai

The Delhi walla's pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls - Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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Dateline Bombay – Oh Taj, 27/11

Not all Pakistani hands are stained with the Indian blood.

[Compiled by Mayank Austen Soofi; picture by Arko Datta]

This is a blogsite on Delhi. It should have nothing to do with Bombay or Pakistan. But these are extraordinary times. This is no time to go romantic about Old Delhi bylanes. On the day the siege of the Taj Mahal Hotel ended in Bombay, Aaj Tak, an Indian TV channel, announced that the hands of Pakistanis are now stained with the blood of Indians. I disagree. These are a few of Pakistan's top bloggers and it seems Mumbai is their heritage, too.

Common war

Mumbai carnage is a tragedy shared by all Pakistanis who are victims of terrorism themselves. The most important thing is not to fall into the trap laid out by forces that want India and Pakistan to be on the warpath. We have to fight it together because all problems and their solutions are shared in common whether we like it not. There is no alternative to cooperation. Voices of sanity must not be drowned by the shrill call for more violence.
Raza Rumi,

Karachi becomes Mumbai

I, too, am a Mumbaikar today. I do not know who did this. Nor can I imagine any cause that would justify this. But this I know: No matter who did this, no matter why, the terror that has been wrought in Mumbai is vile and inhuman and unjustifiable. And, for the sake of our own humanness, we must speak out against it. And, so, to any Mumbaikar who might be listening, I say: "I stand with you today. In prayer and in solidarity."
Adil Najam,

Crying for Bombay

As a Pakistani I genuinely sit down and pray for the well being of each and every Indian who suffered on 26th November.I hope that you have the courage to rebuild Mumbai from this disaster. Mumbai is bound to rebound and I hope it rebounds to achieve far greater heights then every before. Living in Karachi we too have been through one too many similar disasters and it is the resolve and commitment of the citizens that bring life back into the city. Mumbai I must assure you despite our differences many peace loving Pakistanis have shed a tear with you on the 26th. Our heart bleeds with you. Mumbai we are with you.
Dr Wahab Alvi,

A familiar rage

We feel some of the rage which Indian must be going through. But get it right. In Pakistan we face such problems on a daily basis and tell me how many Indians really feel for our tragedies? Stiill, despite our differences, we are all humans and so we can feel when someone is killed or is dead.
Ameer Hamza,

We know the feeling

Brought up in Karachi during troubled 90s and being in Lahore/Islamabad during the current wave of terror attacks, one can relate to what the Mumbaikars went through. It was terrifying. The Mumbai incident probably surpasses any individual terrorist activity. I just hope that its the end of this kind of experience for the people on the other side of the border, and they don't go through the continuous and serial attacks that we are going through these days.
Muhammad Ali,


milieu said...

This tragedy is a time of mourning and reflection. But at the same time, it is important to understand that this could potentially change the game in the same way 9/11 did. Indian government has a choice to act in the same stupid manner that US did which will only cause more misery or to wait and verify.
But at the same time, it cannot afford to treat this as just another terrorist attack. The level of planning and sophistication makes it, like Kargil, another undeclared war.
I, along with others, would like to remember Gandhi's saying that "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" but it is damn difficult.

wallabhy said...

while I agree that not all or even half or whatever % you may like to put: hands are not stained with the blood of Indians,
I would, for once, like to see all these Muslims In India and elsewhere in the World, come in the large numbers that we suspect and they assure that they are, out on the streets, to openly condemn and disassociate themselves as noisily and loudly as they do in cases to the contrary.

And perhaps do it everyday.

Otherwise all this talk of "vast majorities" being peaceful will be held to be a pretence.

On a by note, this comment is being posted by someone who thinks that Palestinians have a just cause, went to Iraq anti-war marches, etc. etc.

But just for Once, I would like to see Muslims coming out and demonstrating publicly that they do not believe in these tactics, whatever their cause.

Otherwise shut up forever...

Aman Thind said...

As they say, history repeats itself, so that we learn from it. If we don’t, it repeats again, and again until the lessons are learnt. And, every time it repeats, its cost to the society increases.

So, having seen and gone through all this, let’s not forget it as another bad incident, let’s not let the terrorism become a part of life. Rather, let’s bring the nation’s best minds to a forum, let’s talk, debate, discuss and find a way out together, and above all, let’s stay united. Surely, there is anger, frustration and shock. However, it needs to be channeled into positive thoughts and action. We need to rise above the divides of religion and region to tackle and overcome this evil.
(Full article on my blog, please visit n provide feedback.)

Neyaz A. Farooquee said...

with due respect to mr. wallabhy, i want to remind him that very recently a large congregation of muslims issued fatwa against terrorism n a few months back also, a large number of muslim from across india, declared fatwa against terrorism from ramlila ground, new delhi. What anguishes me most is that why the poeple of 'vast majority' donot take notice of our noble steps but keep on indulging in prejudiced rhetoric...

Manu said...

After the Mumbai carnage, I have stopped trusting these bloodthirsty and merciless Pakistanis. Their fake and fabricated sympathy & compassion for us is not gonna let us believe that they care about us, instead they are a venemous breed hell-bent on destroying our nation.

The Pakistan Foriegn Minister Mahmoud Qureshi says, "You can't make false accusations like that about Pakistan's involvment. Give us concerete evidence and then only take action."

What concrete evidence Mr. Qureshi, aren't the celebrations made in the North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan about this along with so many Pakistani communities in Orkut and Blogsitses lampooning the 200 innocent dead bodies enough evidence to prove it. I guess Mr. Qureshi's government would Nuke a Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore and then admit that yes we (the Pakis) are at fault.

And after the Statement of Pak President Asaf Ali Zardari at the recent Hindustan Times Leadership summit that happened recently in Delhi, which I quote "I hope Pakistan is the last country to use Nuclear Warfare against India" is such an atrocious and hypocritical statement. Mr. Zardari actually means that after Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Saudi Arab along with Communist China and maybe even USA Nuke 95% of India into rubbles, Pakistan will then use its Nucear force to devastate the rest of India completely.

There are Jihadi Terror Sancturies not just in Pakistan, Afghanistan and POK Kashmir, but also in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordon, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Libya & Somalia. And all of them are directly or indirectly involved with 9/11 and the Mumbai Carnage. And for a peaceful and stable world, they need to be destroyed no matter what a particular community feels like.

By the way, will someone ask the UPA Government that in case Rahul Gandhi was one of the hostages in Taj then would they have even allowed one NSG commando to take action? The UPA Government would have given an arm and a leg to save the precious 'Heir' to the Congress Party.

Where is Raj Thackery?? How did he allow North indian NSG commandos to come to Mumbai. MNS should have stopped their entry and fought the terrorists themselves as it was an attack on Mumbai and they are the sons of the soil.

Why No politician dies in terrorist attacks. Do they have prior information???

These politicians are the India's biggest enemies, even bigger than the terrorists.

Sadly for India, the pendulum of inefficiencies of political parties shifts from each another. A congress will go and a BJP will come and the nation keeps on deteriorating at the same pace. Indian political parties have become morally bankrupt and expecting anything from them is like expecting a drug addict to come and treat people on how to keep away from drugs. India needs a revolution ASAP to eradicate Islamic Jihad once and for all.

One term best describes all the people of Pakistan & all Indian Politicians - "Lebensunwertes Leben" (German for life-unworthy life)

Vinay R Sahni said...

I was hoping to calm down in a few days. But looks like this anger won't recede easily. I wrote a long emotional blog full of expletives and profanity 2 days back, but refrained from posting it as I feared a Fatwa being issued under my name. I thought I could handle myself once I cool down. But may be, being in India and in Mumbai at that, is not letting me. And in a strange way I want to continue being angry.. And I want India to be agitated.

This hurts. This physically hurts. There's a strange toxic mix of anger and sadness inside me. Not sure there's an antidote for that. May be a complete annihilation & devastation of Pakistan, Bangladesh, POK & Afghanistan. I wanted India to do a Hiroshima & Nagasaki on Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Kabul and Dhaka.

But then again, when I think with a little context and put some perception around last week's grand display of inhumanity, I think India had it coming. For too long India's vote hungry politicians have taken it's one billion "cheap" human population for granted and it had it coming for a while.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. There are a series of events, series of missteps along the way that bring about such devastation on a nation. Those 20 odd, punjabi/urdu speaking young men were holding the entire might of Indian state hostage for a reason; because *they could*! And that to with relative ease. They have exposed something about our internal security apparatus that we always knew but were in denial.

And more than that they exposed something far bigger. Those 20 Sssholes exposed the dis-unity of the Indians. And that hurts like nothing else. Even during this extreme point of pain and crisis, when country should have come together with one voice, the Indians have responded, as only we could - incoherently, clueless-ly and with a sense of hopelessness.

LK Advani and Shashi Tharoor shout from the rooftops that India is the next 'Super Power' ?? My foot. You wanna know what super powers like USA do when such inhuman acts of Islamic Terrorism are forced on them externally? You don't have to look too far; us Indians should just check our neighbor next door - Iran (The only Islamic nation along with Turkey that I admire) did with Iraq in 1989, and we may get some clues.

But it's not enough to just sulk at this point. To try and understand what happened and why, one has to connect the dots to the past. That's the only way we can make some sense of this spectacular dance of inhumanity.

wallabhy said...

from wallabhy.

That is a step in the right direction. What I meant to say is that when there is some atrocity committed, lets say in Iraq, we get crowds world-wide publicly and noisily and rightly demonstrating their indignance in very public places.

When it is the reverse, we get some voices saying "Islam is not like this" or "Islam is not like that": but it would be good to see much, much larger, noisy, and public demonstrations by Muslims to that effect.
While we are all horrified by such acts, I think it is time Muslims came out and burned a few effigies of terrorists and people who vocally support them.

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