Wednesday, January 28, 2009

City Secret - Blood Letting in Old Delhi

The Delhi walla's pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls - Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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Blood Letting in Old Delhi

Here illnesses are cured by slashing the body with blades.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Kamini Khatoon lives in Amroha, a small town near Delhi. She was suffering from body ache for many years. Khatoon consulted doctors, visited hospitals, tried allopathic and homeopathic medicines. She even travelled to sufi dargahs. The pain did not leave. Then someone suggested visiting Rahat Open Surgery, an open-air clinic under the shadow of Jama Masjid in Delhi.

Mohd. Gyas is a kind 70-year-old man. The genial hakeem made Khatoon stand in the sun for 20 minutes. Later, his son, Iqbal Bhai, tied her left leg with a strip of cloth, took out a brand-new Topaz blade, made a cut on her foot, and let the blood rush out. The next morning the son did the same to her left arm. Again she had to first stand in the sun--apparently to make the blood flow more easily. The next day it was the leg's turn again. Then arm. Leg. Arm. Leg. The silsila continued for a few days each month. Khatoon now claims the pain has disappeared. It's magic.

Body ache may sound like a rather vague ailment. Mr. Gyas showed me the testimonial of a woman from Canada who says her blood cancer was cured here. In gratitude, she donated iron benches for his patients.

But how does the hakeem do it? "Impure blood is the root of all ailments. Get rid of it and you are well again," says Mr. Gyas proffering several diaries filled with similar testimonials by grateful patients from all over (Egypt, Canada, Japan…) who say they were cured of everything from headaches to blood sugar…creaky knees…dicky tickers.

Although he started his professional life as spare car parts salesman Mr. Gyas has been bleeding patients for the past 25 years and says it runs in his, well, you know… He learned the skill from his grandfather. Since he is suffering from Parkinson's, it is now his son who handles the actual treatment. A strange tradition is being handed over to the new generation.

[I wanted to ask Mr. Gyas if he could cure Parkinson's with this bloody method but I restrained in respect]

Where Near Dargah Hare Bhare Shah, Gate No. 2, Jama Masjid (9899150523) Timings 9am-12.30pm Charge Rs 30 per sitting

What illness, madame?

Blood Letting in Old Delhi

Aunty, don't be scared

Blood Letting in Old Delhi

Bleed me, heal me

Blood Letting in Old Delhi

Bleed me more

Blood Letting in Old Delhi

The aftermath

Blood Letting in Old Delhi

Us, scared!

Blood Letting in Old Delhi


Pragnya said...

hui mummy....I'm scared...
achcha Mayank...temme one thing man....does this man guarantee that the blade-marks would disappear in a short while???
legs and arms are best part of size-zeros ...they wont even go there....
atleast I wont ....
my dad z a doc...n I m known for my dramatic cries before getting a vaccine done....

Rima Kaur said...

the fools who choose to get treated that way are as much to blame as the "curers".

Milan Kuchhal said...

Actually there is no logical or scientific reasoning behind these types of treatments, which one can found in large numbers in almost every part of India.
The thing is that they really works in most cases.......
you can call it a miracle or foolz paradise....
proven fact is that even today India's 60% medical services lies in the hand of these kind of doctors (Neem-hakeem or jhola chhap)

Milan Kuchhal

Jman said...

Indeed the medicine of Hikmat prescirbes keeping the body in a healthy balance. It tries to get to the root cause of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Mayank ! I love to read your blog , please don't repeat a story again.

Thorny Wines Of Words ~k~ said...

errr...havnt u posted this before?

Anonymous said...

1) Hikmat is not medicine but intelligence.

2) Perhaps, 'Tibb' is the word my Urdu speaking friend was lookin' for.

2) I restrain from comments on the system as they may 'bleed' of ignorance.

3) Science, once believed the earth to be flat.

4) If 60% of India is treated this way, this method must be damned oops deemed good for, if it was'nt, we'd never get past 10 million let alone a billion.

Jman said...

i stand corrected!

Vishal said...

@ Milan: There might be a scientifc rason

@ Anon: Whats wrong in repating a blog. If he just occasionaly repost the link of interesting ones, its great for new readers, without having to read thru all his archive to find the gems.

@ Rima & Milan: Not sure if there is a sceintific basis or not. Even is PhD research we do not prove anything, we either dis-prove a hypothesis (called Null hypothesis) meaning we rule out one possibility or we prove a hypothesis i.e. we prove a possibility but not definitively. Just becuase science has not been able to discover or explain a phenomenon does not mean it does not exist or doe snot work. E.g. Hamkim says impure blood, we call it toxins in scientif lingo.... though I am not saying that his methods work, may be they do, may be only for some ailments, also it is well documented fact (via various research studies, scientifc papers and PhDs) that psychology also has impact i.e. one group of patients were given real medicine and 2nd group was given plasbos (fake medicine, just sugary pill) and both groups were told that this new cutting edge treatment will work, guess what it worked for both roups though percentage of patients cure in first group was higher......... something to think about

@ Pragnya: Well Honeypie, this treatment is not for your, my sweet princess should not yoube going to Phoren hospitals in LA, Frisco, London, etc ... lol (sorry could not help taking the pot shot, apologies in advance)

Anonymous said...

gud post.......sometimes this type of magical things got happen but it doesnt have any surity that it will always work......but if ur problem is not curing through any doctor den u can go for it it involves just a bleeding which can be come back easily and might b ur problem get cured so not a big deal........and these type of things are common now in every state of india many of babas and hakeems r dere mostly in rural areas

Nabin Agarwal said...

In 2000 I Was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.I was cured from the hand of Hakim Gayas Sahab.