Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Around Town – Kareena Kapoor Sighting

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Kareena Kapoor Sighting

The Bombay star was in Connaught Place.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Kareena, my kudi, my karisma, my chameli. She was plain Geet in Jab We Met, Pooh in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham but in my Dilli she was just Bebo.

Aaj first time itne near se dekha. Film shoot was on. Spotted on the front seat of a red car at Connaught Place's F-Block, opposite Qba, she looked just as she looks on screen – sexy. That didn't stop one powdered lady from sneering, "Kareena has put on so much makeup." Immediately one Delhi man shouted back, "Else she would look like you."

Sadly Kareena wasn't alone. There was a driver - Saif Ali Khan.

How much I wanted to be in Saif's place, to be near my Kareena but never trust the star-stuck Dilli crowd. Yet don't be harsh on this poor city. After all, we are not Bombay-wallas; we are not used to seeing Bollywood stars; we only have colourless politicians for entertainment. So it's OK if we were not in our best behavior.

I too did the usual dhakka-mukki – pushed, shoved, cursed, jostled - but naheenji, Kareena was too near, yet too far. And then the lathi-wielding thullas increased the blood pressure by teasing, "Haa, haan, ab utar ke naachenge yeh dono tere liye." And presto, someone shouted that Kareena and Saif would do a dance number.

"Mazaa aa jayenga," an uncle-next-door said.

Our heartbeats started thumping faster. Imagine Kareena thumka-ing in CP! The crowd went quiet. The director said ACTION... our collective heartbeat stopped... Saif started the car, drove straight, did a reverse gear, turned left on the Inner Circle road... and didn't come back!

The shoot was over.

Where's Kareena?

Kareena Kapoor Sighting


Kareena Kapoor Sighting


Kareena Kapoor Sighting

Closer look

Kareena Kapoor Sighting

Hello Saif

Kareena Kapoor Sighting

Paisa-vasool scenes

Kareena Kapoor Sighting


Kareena Kapoor Sighting

Oye Kareena

Kareena Kapoor Sighting

Show over

Kareena Kapoor Sighting


Anonymous said...


Raluca Sidon said...

They were not filming, were they? What does it mean "jayenge"? and "tere liye"? I know piyar and diwana.With so many bollywood movies I watch lately I will learn Hindi, but limited to a certain movies vocabulary..

Mayank Austen Soofi said...

Yes, they were filiming (I think I mentioned it up there)
(mazaa) ayenga - we'll ahve fun
tere liye - for you

urbanGYPSY... said...

OMG.... so u too a li'l starstruck!!!
kareena's my fav too... xcpt dt i h8 d whole saifeena thng...
neways no1 to cmnt on their personal choices...

even i missed it yaar... kahaan CP...kahaan Colg ki bekaar canteen! uff!!! teme if ranbir kapoor's cmnt to d city netym soon!

Pragnya said...

I dont quite like bebo ...
but shez a good actress no doubt.
even I live near khadoos padosi went there alone without even telling me that day....
do let me know if my sweethearts (Imran Khan or Ranbir Kapoor or John) come anytime soon!!!

roop said...

love love love ur blog!! :)))

awesome pics.

Saifullah said...

childish blog.such childish raves and rants but what more to say about such trashy writing. read up on the valentine day story. it is severly stupid and frankly grow up kid! you sounding like some lost kid who has never seen an actor or something. blahhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

I love how we dilliwalas go crazy when stars come to town. But what the heck, its FUN!!! I would kill to be there in the crowd trying to spot her! The same happened a few years back when she was here for 'Mujhe kuch kehna hai'. Sigh, these are the days!

Milan Kuchhal said...

He he he...Mayank you never miss anything in Delhi...
Better luck next shuerly will get a chance to sit near this sexy siren....

Divya said...

nice one! i like reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...

cool blog.. if it weren't for the hurry I am in, i would read all your posts right now..

will keep coming back here though