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Maximum City - A Young Kashmiri in Town

The Delhi walla's pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls - Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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Maximum City - A Young Kashmiri in Town

Being Indian in the Indian Capital.

[Text and picture by Mayank Austen Soofi]

On August, 2009, Ahmed Dev, 21, will move to Delhi from his ancestral home at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, Kashmir. This soft-spoken, English-speaking, hip-hop playing young man will be pursuing a pilot training course in an institute in Gurgaon. But Mr Dev is hardly in love with Delhi.

"People in this city are selfish, they don't know how to drive and the air is really polluted," he told me while we were taking a walk one late night in Nizamuddin Basti. Mr Dev is staying at a budget hotel in this Muslim-dominated neighbourhood. He claims that back home in Srinagar he re-mixes Kashmiri folk songs with techno music. No fan of Bollywood songs, Mr Dev "respects AR Rahman for his original compositions."

However, like a few other young Kashmiris I have met in Delhi, Mr Dev is not an admirer of India though he does consider himself an Indian. "I eat the food of this place, after all, and I also like India's secularism where Hindus live next to Muslims, Sikhs and Christians," he says. But Mr Dev understands that why his people are unhappy with India. "I'm not saying that all Indians are bad but your army there sometimes kill innocent people and we can't even go to the court," he rues. "Kashmir is a heaven which is burning like hell and you people are responsible."

This is Mr Dev's third visit to Delhi and during an earlier stay here he came across a person who dismissed Kashmiris as uneducated, poor, filthy shepherds. The remark left a deep impact and so much that Mr Dev's decision to come to Delhi and train to be a pilot here is partly motivated out of the anger that that comment generated. "I want to prove that we Kashmiris can sit with the most respected people, drive the most expensive cars and study in the most respected institutes," he said.

While Mr Dev continued to be soft-spoken, his discomfort with India became clearer as he grew franker with me. "Yes, we want Azaadi," he said at one point.

If he has such decided feelings towards this country, why come all the way to Delhi to become a pilot? "But we have no pilot training school back home," Mr Dev shot back, "Majboori mein gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai. (If you have no choice, you have to make donkey your dad)."

When Mr Dev will move permanently to Delhi in August, he will be taking a flat somewhere in DLF, Gurgaon. While returning to his hotel room, Mr Dev added, "I'll get educated fully, will do a job in India, earn handsome money and finally I'll tell you Indians that look, we Kashmiris are capable of all that is good."

The Delhi Walla wishes him good luck.


Gallimaufry said...

Poor Mr. Dev. He is clearly trapped in his anger. But at least it drives him in a positive direction. More power to his effort!

Rima Kaur said...

a handsome fellow! those who think that kashmiris are good for nothing, take a good look at ahmed. i wish him luck too.

Milan Kuchhal said...

Actually we Indians (except Kashmiris) fails to understand the actual problem of Kashmir valley, we know Kasmir as a heaven on earth that's it.
we even don't want to listen what they are saying,we have our own view on Kashmir and their residents which actually projected by our Late politicians, same is with Pakistan.
It's a bitter truth that our forces some time kills innocents mistakenly and bloody politicians took the advantage to provoke the feelings of common man there by burning the issue.


sam said...

hey ahmad thank you dear for taking this bold step, i mean for speaking the reality. i appreciate u frm the core of my heart.
i wish u ALL THE LUCK to fullfill ur dreams and to show all india we kashmiris dont lag behind.
yes we kashmiris want AZADI coz we have the history of being independent.kashmir has enjoyed the status of being an independent state when india was nowhere on the world map.


Arun said...

I feel extremely sad that my fellow Indians in Kashmir are living under the shadow of gun(army/ terrorists).But it is high time more and more youth come out of the shadow of Muslims Vs India rhetoric of the past, mingle more with the secular Hindus/Muslim/Sikh/ Christian of mainstream India and see their Kashmir as the most happy and prosperous state of the country

And yes the army will move out once the hostility and soft support to Pakistan ceases to exist.

Anonymous said...

Mayank, I dont think giving the whereabouts of this gentleman was quite a good idea, just expressing his views would have conveyed the message, I wonder if you might have put him in some kind of jeopardy... :S

Reeta Skeeter said...

These are unedited thoughts of a fellow the way they've been presented here...There is a tiny segment of people living in harmony with the the co-curvivors and this segment does not think in terms such as hindus and muslims. This segment thinks "human beings"...wish the tiny segment grows....

Arun said...

Also the "educated" youth should see the logic of being with India in terms of the vast opportunities that lie for them.

Mr "Angry Young Man" Dev mentioned that there is no pilot training institute in Kashmir, but does he think that Azaadi will provide them with the opportunities that they now have access to in India ?
Or will a flying institute/ Its/IIMs appear overnight ?

I'll tell you what will happen if at all Azaadi is given. Taliban will come running like a dog with its tongue out from Pakistan and annexe Kashmir. They will issue a diktat saying "Hip Hop" is unIslamic and they will force Mr Dev to use his flying skills to have more 9/11 type attacks!

I know I am bordering on exaggeration but I simply fail to understand why peace loving Kashmiris can't see the IITs, IIMs as their future rather than gun trotting mullahs guarding their streets.

And yes at the same time lets come down heavily on army's human right violation on innocent people but I also urge Kashmiris to stop making heroes out of bloody terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Hope we don't have the next 9/11 attacker being trained? Surely he will get help from well meaning friends across the other side and he can create magical fireworks that will kill and maim.

What wrong has the Indian taxpayer done? So many crores have gone wasted in the so called Kashmir cause. Indians are bad in many ways, but not real demons who could enact a Dafour massacre! Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that the so-called independence would do Kashmir any good? Sure there are problems there be it the Indian army or militancy but does Kashmir alone have the capacity to be able to stand up in the world like today with a geographical position like this to be a happy and competitive state? Independence sounds good to everyone and may be countries have been able to move up in due course but really where is Kashmir's capacity today to become a full fledged competitive country? You think being indepedent would reduce the problems that exist today? If you do, I would love to know HOW?

Anonymous said...

What will he do after becoming a pilot? hint* hint* twin towers NY?

nawaz said...

as its said "kinara baith k tofani sailb k andaza b nahi karte".... u ppl sitin at homes n commentin this shud happen n that shud not hapen is non sense :|.. um a kashmiri n n i um proud of that n ma land is occupied by india n sighz! fr that .... u say terrorist are we ... i say ask any children/ny boy/ny gal/young/old nyone.... who are u terrifed by hee/she ll say ARMY....
iondian army indian media n indian polticians all equally are to b blamed fr this...
ask the mother of the person who still has hope he ll come back .... who ll tell her oh dear ... he hz been killed by cruel army...
by the way frns leme tell u one fact "CRULETY LEADS TO COWARDLINESS"... trust me indian army is cruel n its coward ....
i know u ppl must b imotionally hurt ... bt u ppl ll forget in a while but we ppl are physically, mentally, morally n in every possible way hurt by ur occupation ....
u say talibaan will come here n blah blah blah...
i say better at least indian media ll show something true hapeninin around ... if u ppl have ny doubt abt the medai ... go on youtube search kashmir n azaadi etc videos u ll see 15000 + videos there revealin truth ....
may allah give us wat ll b better fr us
i wont say azaadi bt i l say wat will b better than indian occupation
allah hafiz

nawaz said...

Well, it took me time to go through all of the comments posted here,First of all I wish luck to the 'To be Pilot' Reminds me of the first Pilot from Kashmir who was trained and worked as a trainer at Virginia School of aeronautics USA and attained martyrdom fighting the Indian forces in the forests of Pir Panjal anyway thats a different story alltogether let me cling to the topic we have here, going through all the comments I observed that Indians do accept that there is a mistake done and the need is to correct iot but they are unable to due to one reason or other my only advice would be that Indian community needs to ditch thier politicians who have one of thier foot in the grave and one on a banana peel lol.Some of the Indians think that granting od IIMS and IIT's will make Kashmiris forget the hot blood of 1 lakh youth which bled for the idea and a dream called 'Aazadi' is the granting of these instutions bribe against matyrs blood? , some still are pathetic ,"Hope we don't have the next 9/11 attacker being trained?" they need to be cleansed mentally, emotionally, ethically morally, culturally, ritually, educationaly and last but not the least ideologically, If not they will one day turn India into a battleground.Some people realize all but they tend to be blind they dont want to believe that thier India can be wrong they live in a fools paradise. Some think that Kashmir wont exist if its free, well to prove you wrong I have to name just one resource which is in the possession of kashmir and its going to be the most costly after Petrol its called as 'water' besides other avnues we have hoticulture,floriculture,tourisim Kashmir fruit industry is famous all over the neighbouring countries , not to forget the ancient silk route passed through Kashmir for which India boasts to be part of the silk route courtsy Kashmir.The need of the hour for Indians is to realise that they can divert the valuable tax payers money to some other valuable cause than Kashmir, Kashmir never was nor is neither it is going to be a part of India, the genocide India is carrying out in Kashmir will one day spiral out and turn into a difficult battle, which is hard to control.Though I myself am not satisfied by giving out this short explination and posting some lines I would have preffered a discussion , but its futile it will not yeald anything it is not going anywhere Kashmiris are suffering and the reason is India. ( To be Continued)
Regards :)

Simon said...

People like Ahmed should be kicked out of India
because if u don't like India then go somewhere else Kashmir needs India its not the other way round. Kashmir is NOTHING without India

Arun said...

After talking to a lot of Kashmiri youths I am of the firm opinion that their real issue is not Azaadi, scratch a little further and the reality comes out. Their only problem with India "ruled" Kashmir is because of India's majority Hindu population

But trust me my Kashmiri brothers - for an average Indian(or average Hindu if you may like) religion is an integral part of life but not the primary one. Look at where religious minded countries like Pakistan/ Afghanistan/ Bangladesh are and look at the position of India.

I just hope the youngsters dont become the prisoners of the past and repeat the same mistake as their elders did and waste their youth in being "angry" with India.
We in the rest of India consider you as part of us. You take 1 step fwd we'll take 3.

Join the mainstream (Omar Abdullah likes), show your mettle in Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore and raise the problems of your state in the Lok Sabha.
I dont see why we cant have an IT park in Srinagar where companies like Infy/ Wipro can open their offices

Lastly, though the average secular Indian believes in his own God but while signing off its not " Allah Hafiz" or "Jai Shri Ram" its always Jai Hind :)


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and establish sharia and a caliphate! It will augur well for the fanatics and have your freedom, but do not export bombers! The Indian army and public when pushed to the wall will die for India. Many Paksitanis at least those who are liberal are sick of the same tenor. You have made both countries bleed.

Religion is a part of our conscience, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, but not the centre of the world.That is a futile dream of turning India into a battle ground. Some day the middle class smugness will break and a human chain will be ready. Try fighting with 1 billion people and the jihadi poison wont enthuse our Muslim bretheren who are much smarter than you think. Indians want peace. But please do not keep harping on bloodshed. Bharat Mati ki Jai.

Anonymous said...

ma view point over K-issue totally changed after i came to know abt reality... our media is keepin us in dark... just give a luk at youtube videos related to kash revolts,, n c how they fight for their right for self determination.. not only we no one can deny them the fundamental right for self determination.. but due to pultical policies india is snatchin their birth right... we need a broader mind to analyse the issue n not get carried by immotions.. its difficult to go against wat we permenently set in our minds that kash is our integral part but we needa face the truth.. n stop the human rights violation that our army does there...

Nawaz said...

Induction of companies like Wipro, Infosys or any other tycoon in the field will do no good for which I have a logical reason firstly Kashmir suffers at the hand of its puppet government due to which the power generated in the state is first transmitted to Delhi and then we buy it from the centre, So if any of you Delhities is having dinner under a bright tube light thank Kashmir for that ( And you people say there are no resources In Kashmir to live on as an Independent state) Secondly for good trade and business to prosper we need a better connectivity of roads which is a dream come true for all of the kashmiri’s in-fact it’s a dream which took lifetimes of some people but the dream still remains in the slumber awaiting for that dawn on the horizon. Talking about Trade with foreign countries I would like to impress upon the point that the Kashmiri Apple would reach Rawalpindi much faster than Delhi, it can be supplied to Iran via the ancient silk route through Gurez valley much faster on ponies than it can be supplied to Madhya Pradesh in India over trucks, the Idea here I want to convey is why curb the trade routes of Kashmir? Or should I take it as a policy towards a Muslim dominated stretch of land that India should not let it prosper? Enlighten me if I am wrong For those of you who think that whatever is happening in Kashmir is religion based I would like to invite you to some houses in the midst of downtown Habba kadal ( Downtown is the area in Kashmiri capital Srinagar known for its Pro freedom and anti-India stance) where some houses are shared among Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims, Kashmiri Pandits are an integral part of Kashmir they are the cream of our society and without them the picture of Kashmir is incomplete we are waiting for those brethren who left us in the midst to return back while our arms are wide open for them, If anyone here feels that a Kashmiri Pandit who lived in Kashmir in the turmoil does not want freedom from India I would like to refer a short documentary “Jashn-e Aazadi “ by Sanjay Kak who is a Kashmiri Pandit to make the picture clear for the Indian Public so that they clearly observe the writing on the wall. To add I would like to be know-edged who is pushing the bombers India Pakistan or Kashmiris? The recent uprising in Kashmir should have been an eye opener for all you people as to what Kashmir demands, To ascertain as to what is the sentiment being followed. My dear friends grant of Industries, Employment or may it be money in gunny bags wont make Kashmir forget the moans of the mothers wailing in the cold of winter chill, It wont heal the scars we have faced at the hands of the army, If fighting bullets with stones makes Kashmiris terrorists Sue them hang them, they will fight they will attain freedom, freedom from India freedom from army freedom from false policies and freedom from a corrupt media. The most developed Institution in Kashmir is the Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical sciences no thanks to the Infrastructure no thanks to modern equipment, Thanks to the blood of those 1 lakh Kashmiri youth who Just did not fight for the land but were intellectuals in their own perspective treating on such cases it became a trauma care centre and a hospital beyond par with other such institutions in the valley. To add more There is a difference between the way kids grow up in Delhi while they just don’t know anything about power cuts or army bunkers children in Kashmir can tell you which army wala belongs to which battalion. It’s a shame, to guard a population of mere 10 lakh people India needs an army strength of 7 lakh to be present in the region , Drive the army out the so called terrorists will be left with nothing to strike, Only then we can term them as ‘terrorists’ who harm innocent civilians. If Indians can die for their land Kashmiris are doing so by making their mothers proud and setting an example for generations to come ,history has been the witness it is not always the quantity which matters in a fight it is the quality the strategy and the will and well to be precise it’s the will based on truth and determination for an emotion a craze called ‘Aazadi’ which can render a human chain impotent and this sentiment is so deep that Kashmiris might even possess the guts with glory to face any chain may it be a chain reaction of a nuclear weapon onto their bosom, death does not scare a Kashmiri out for his birth right of self determination it wont scare anyone from any cult any caste or religion because it is the birth right. The smarter of the breeds is evident, the one who is fighting a superpower like America and is a reason for the economic down turn of such a great nation. I am not a personal supporter of the Taliban I know they are ruthless ‘ they are the fighters’ but we should realize their capability of involving the worlds greatest nation into a battle of more than 10 years without the formers basic goal of capturing some culprit unfulfilled. My core affection is for Kashmir I am selfish I do not think of anything else call it my patriotism or term me a terrorist it hardly matters. I liked the way Mister Arun has addressed but I would like to inform him that whatever he comes to see on the TV is not real.Kashmiris are a peace loving nation but don’t let that give out a false impression that they will tolerate suppression, I would hate to miss the point which I came across while browsing over the internet it read like : “The American porn industry is much more credible than the Indian media”. If the politicians and the bureaucrats commit the mistakes there is media to catch them but when the media is false who is to blame? This still is not finished I still am not ‘satisfied’ with a two page theory on Kashmir and a reply to some of you who like to be anonymous and possess a dual persona. For me to sign off I would like to recite a verse which is scribbled on the tombstone of one “Shaheed Master Yawar” who is laid to rest at the martyrs graveyard Idd-Gah Kashmir and who was four years old when he was shot dead by the Indian army it goes like this : Do not shun the gun my dear younger ones the war for freedom is yet to be won. ( To be Continued ).
Regards :)

Pathan3 said...

Writing on the wall :


nitin kher said...

"GIR TE HAIN SHEH SAVAR HE MAIDAN-E-JUNG MAE,VO TIFL KYA GIRAE JO GHUTNOU KE BAL CHALE"....First of all i would love to congratulate AHMAD for such an extravagntic step he is taking for his people,WE really are proud of you boy.Wish my son grows up to be like you with such love for his people & community.
in the midst all this there is no point of kashimris having hardfeelings with indians because the majority of the in'dian population is of the Hindus or of any religious matter."ITS ALL ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF KASHMIRIS","ITS ALL ABOUT LOOSING MORE THAN ONE LAKH YOUNG INNOCENT KIDS,WOMEN & YOUTH","ITS ALL ABOUT 'FREEDOM'".
Let me correct you people here first that Kashmiris don't include only muslims but sikhs,pandits,christians as well."WE ARE NOT INDIANS NOR PAKIES WE ARE 'KASHMIRI's'.And this is not a fight between indians with Kashmiri's or vice versa.The people of this beautiful valley cheerish when people from india visit,they welcome them with open arms,treat them as as their family inspite they are hindus or jains or from any other religion.
Not like in delhi or mumbai,tourists getting raped and stabbed.

But we cant forget what indians did and still are doing in Kashmir.You people cant feel the pain that kashmiris are feeling,because you guys never lost a innocent brother,a son or father in hands of the indian army.And i ve few questions to make as well while writing all this and those are; What would you do when you see into your sisters eyes who was raped by an army official?What would you do when your four year old young brother gets killed like a dog in front of your own eyes?What would you do when indian army men enter into your house at round 2.30 am and drag your father out in the corridor and make 78 bullet holes with an AK-47 all over his body!,and they leave by saying "Tomorrow we will rape your mother just like we killed this pig tonight"?

"WHAT WOULD YOU DO"..............................bhagat singh got hanged for india and he killed britishers so he is a 'SHAEED' and a kashmiri son avenging his fathers death or his sisters rape is a 'TERRORIST' and thats what you indians say,right...............and as far as AHMAD is concerned,im PROUD of you.

Shuja Bhat. said...

Are the indians left with no words? Or thier capablity of advicing has been snatched away?I have a question is India a democracy?


@ the Blogger:
Nihayati Badzaat Kaum hai tumhari. You can sell your soul to the devil himself for plate of biryani and get sold yet again for a bottle of hooch to write a damn article. I wonder what this young brainwashed Kashmiri lad offered you; perhaps A Kalashnikov, Mr. Sufi.

@ The Subject:
You're full of shit! True colors indeed. Gadhe ko baap...; 61 se tumhi Gadhe ban rahe ho aur hum tumhare baap. You like India's secularism? Grow up. Your dilly dallying is gonna cost you a lot of muck thrown back at you.
Kashmir was heaven, surely. You guys made it hell and we made it a living hell for you Kashmiri's - No doubt on that, Mate. Guess who picked up the gun first.. I rest my case with you Mr. Fulla Shit.

@ Sam; grow up. Your hormones are raging but to no avail. Try utilising your energy to get your people educated first and not to succumb to brainwashing methods. India was there even before your fore fathers converted to Islam or came on horse back as invaders in the garb of traders. This land was always there; you just changed your identity. Guess who came in first now, Mate! LOL!

@ Nawaz:
Dont give me this bullshit that Kashmiri mothers are grieving at loss of family members. An old mother in my family hasnt seen her son since the '71 war; is he dead or alive, that question is far more worse than having a son proclaimed dead. Cowardliness runs in your blood, You rely upon Pakistans money,training and men to help you attain your wet dream! Majority of Kashmiri's slaughtered by my country's brave forces usually hailed from PoK or Punjab Province of Pakistan. That makes you a coward alrigt.
15K plus videos on Great! Lets analyse if even 1% of them have a base argument. Read the basis and qualifications of the UN charter to hold plebicite in Kashmir and then come and talk. I dont want to waste this traitor bloggers internet space to explain that to you.
We dont need your fruits or business or silk route. Its not even gonna sustain one small city's overheads with the revenue generated by your state. You say Water? Do all you can; build dams and stop all the water you can, dude your state will be awashed. Its in your own interest that you keep allowing the water to go down. Genocide? God damn it; you get me all rilled up! Genocide is what you all bas***** conducted against countless Hindu Pandit Families in Kashmir, it was genocide and ethnic cleansing at its best!

again @ Sufi: Your Paki Paindabad blog was shut down by IB and Special Branch; do you want this to also meet the same fate! Dont you get worried of constantly being watched and followed by plainclothes coppers in Delhi? Tu nahin sudhrega! I wouldnt lodge a bullet in your balls; I'd be glad to put it between your eyes!

neharika verman said...

I met this sweet handsome guy in nizzamuddin east while he was playing soccer with few small kids n after knowing him i really go against the comments that 'here is a next 9/11 pilot being trained'.Here really lies the main problem that most of us take
every kashmiri as a 'terrorist' its like we have put on a stamp on every kashmiri that they are a fragment of unlimited hatred and terror and we have taken it as an integral imaginatory factor.I ve been to kashmir once and seen the hardships that people are sufring there and there is no dought that indian army really has done a great deal of damage and ruthless killing
but on the other side of the story some kashmiri hooligans also did things which where not ment to happen.In the time of 1989 n 1990's there was a great revolt in kashmir against the forces the 'tehreek' was born:where few hundred young guys n few other kashmiri people got trained to fight against the forces with guns n weapons.Almost all of em' died but after that till this day forces never stopped killing innocent people.
For me Kashmir is the indian crown and every kashmiri is an equal indian like we all are and they deserve all rights and justice as well.If they want 'freedom' from the forces,i don't think they are wrong somewhere.

shaan T said...

**~~~~~~~EHMAD DEV~~~~~~** The Prince Of Kashmiri Pop/House Music.

Anonymous said...

Lol...luk at u all..u startd politics..he dint mean freedom 4m india or pakistan..he meant freedom 4m terror,cries,bloodshed....its nt js kashmir..its gujarat,mumbai,karnataka,chennai....n ders killing evrywhr in india....nt js kashmir..n knwin ahmad..him being a next 9-11 flyer is a huge least,he's being frank wid his opinions..evn sharin opinions is sch a sin dat u make terrors outa dem??iv mny frnds wid diffrnt religion...v all go thru our shit.n abt d mullas,mst r whr in islam is mentiond dat vr allowd 2 kill...n lik socrates said, "kno thyslf" b4 judgin d guy u dnt kno,think of wat ur lik first n wat ud do had u been in his shoes......peace.

Anonymous said...

best of luck Mr Dev HIGH FIVE to you.

neha*fU* said...

ALL OUR SHOUT-OUTS TO THIS SEXY BEAST!!!! thumps up all over*_*

Nawaz said...

Bruised Indian, makes me think if one is in India he ought to be ‘bruised’ anyway that comes later, I have observed this fact that even if you put forth the reality in all its crystalline forms in front of an audience which does not want to listen, it wont help, some people are obsessed with their belief which is really as hard to relinquish as some of the old customs superstitions and fake rituals followed in India. There might be a mother in your family whose kid has not returned home or you don’t know his whereabouts may be this news hit the headlines of some Indian newspaper years ago, to be frank this is the story in every home back in Kashmir yet your media cannot make it into their papers leave alone having this as a headline. Its everyday gossip back in Kashmir so it does not move me that you have someone in your home who is waiting for her son who died a fake battle!
I bet my balls if it’s an Indian engineer constructing Dams in Kashmir water will sweep it all, There have been more complex problems in world which have been overcome with the human advance I don’t see a point of how you could come to the conclusion that you are not living on the power generated by the turbines which are remotely situated somewhere in Kashmir, I knew you people are always unthankful this is not anything new. The foundation stone of Kashmir’s railway track was laid before the Independence of India but unfortunately India failed to construct and connect Kashmir to itself for over 7 decades until now and this seems impossible even further.
To talk about cowards, by using that word you should have been addressing your so called ‘veer jawan’ who is laden with guns and arms which he uses to chase away a mob of peaceful protestors who after being provoked with bullets fight with stones, that makes your Jawaan veer and eligible for a bride back in some gaoun in remote India with 50 degree temperature and no viable resources that is why those hungry and poor Indians join the so called worlds second largest army called as the Indian army, to save themselves from starvation and help their family out of crisis. The right of self determination is the birthright son, a Kashmiri does not have to go through any charter or any ‘fuck’ given out by an Indian or a Paki or even a whore called United Nations. We will achieve this dream of Aazadi there will be a dawn, a dawn which will see the flags of Independent Kashmir hoisted on every rooftop in each household in Kashmir.
To talk about revenue or resources I could never have had expected a better response from you as you are an average Indian who does not really know the basic facts to him there is only one thing true which is sau mai se 99 beimaan phir bhi mera bharat mahaan’

An insight to the resources of Kashmir: Forests are one of the important resources of the state spreading in an area of 2,236 sq. kms which accounts for 20% of the total geographical area. The Jammu region comprises forests type ranging from tropical deciduous forests to temperate and coniferous forests. A rich variety of conifers such as fir pine, spruce, deodar, chir, kali, etc. are also found in the mountain ranges. This resource is the basis of conservation of dwindling wildlife Their are various industries dependant on this resource which include Match Industry Poplar wood available in the valley of Kashmir is mainly used by this industry.Sports goods The wood of poplar and willow trees is used for making cricket bats and mulberry wood is used for making hockey sticks.Sentonin Factory - In Baramula the facory manufactures sentonin from artimisia. This drug is used as a helminthecide which is exported to foreign countries also. Rifle Half Wrought Factory in Baramula manufactures walnut wood rifle-butts. The major rivers in the state are Jehlum,Indus and Chenaab apart from having a tremendous opportunity for generating power which is more than sufficient to be exported to all neighboring countries and As well sustain the power needs of the state beyond par. There are various lakes which are tourist hotspot and which are viable to be used as a foreign revenue generating camps. The state has rich deposits of minerals like Bauxite, gypsum, limestone, coal, zinc and copper. Apart from having vast deposits of some precious stones. The basic Industry in Kashmir is the fruit industry which does a trade of about 200 crores daily which is more than what an average firm in Delhi with all its support and handy help available from the government dreams of achieving. Apart from this the state has a high greenery quotient, a calm climate and a habitat which suits best a human being where wildlife is treated as an asset and a must to be part of the state with no compromise. With all such resources we well can sustain our economy and as well bestow life to some of your bihariz who otherwise die of starvation.Our water resource does not need any treatment its bestowed by mother nature directly if filled in bottles and supplied to outside world I bet days are not far when Kashmir will have roads made of gold. Even under suppression of the Indian occupation these resources are functional These are just some of the resources I have listed here leaving apart the brilliant and most intelligent ‘human resource’ Kashmir has.Our state has a history of more than seven thousand years ours has been an educated society with qualities like hospitability worshipped before any religion The need of the hour is to build our state into a robust and powerful economy, a knowledge based economy which treats moral values before personal gains. The University of Kashmir can link up with International universities to provide a better prospectus and it has the potential to be the centre of all such international study centers providing a rich culture moral values and a knowledge base which is of a high caliber with core dedicated staff and a tranquil environment for research.
The chief purpose of Imperialism and colonialism of India in Kashmir is to mutilate these resources for personal benefits and degrade the human resource by inducing drugs into the youth of Kashmir. India has turned Kashmir into a cantonment with over 7 lakh army personnel present there just to rob us from our resources and to make the life of an average human miserable, great care is being taken so that no one of Kashmiri can reach out and speak his opinion in public or convey it to the world.Maybe after writing these facts over here I also face the same fate but I am not scared we Kashmiris love to die for our birthright and we will keep on fighting for it ! (To be Continued)
Regards :)

Anonymous said...

To the Bruised Indian...

What an amazing reply that was. I haven't ever enjoyed reading on this blog as much as I enjoyed reading your reply.

Anonymous said...

The right of self determination is the birthright son, a Kashmiri does not have to go through any charter or any ‘fuck’ given out by an Indian or a Paki or even a whore called United Nations. We will achieve this dream of Aazadi there will be a dawn, a dawn which will see the flags of Independent Kashmir hoisted on every rooftop in each household in Kashmir. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

@ahmad: Sounds cool ehdi but why doing this when you have all the good good stuff in your life.I mean you from the most respected & rich families in kashmir valley but still you are kind of fighting for a 'no worth reason'.


@ Nawaz:
Talk about writing a fucking epic! You just know how to vent your damn frustrations on a blog, pick up a gun and get trained on the other side! Azaadi is a far fetched term for you all; Never going to get it and it will always be a wet dream wherein you get up the next morning and throw away the soiled garment!
The bullshit you spewed on the williow, the turbines and all; its a miniscule percentage of what India requires and even if I assume to agree with you on that point then let me say it for once and for all: It's a part of India, my nation, we'll do all we can in any part of India to sustain ourselves!! Even if it means to kill pseudo Paki's like you!!
On the veer jawan part; get a grip of it; 50degrees of sub zero climes the Veer Jawaan is always there, to protect me and my family from traitors like you. On the part where you mention that Kashmiri people protest "peacefully", are those blinders so tightly secured that you miss the real picture? It was your brethen you who picked up the gun first, we, are merely responding. People like Yasin Malik are only only interested in getting Paki brides for themselves, so you can fuck your freedom goodbye, something called as Politics beta, something your nubile mind wont even have the capacity to think about!

Fahad Shah Peerzada said...

Indians can never understand the feelings of kashmir as they have got trapped in their filthy system of politics.

bawa said...

May I point out it should be either

"On 1st* August 2009..."
where * is whatever date


"In August 2009..."

bawa said...

I have come back to this blog after sometime away:
my question: If a huge country like Pakistan is struggling with the Taliban a couple of 100 kms away from its capial, what chance for a newly-independent Kashmir?

On the other hand, a lot of Indian politicians got away with organising Sikh riots in the centre of Delhi, so what happens in Kashmir?

What about Kashmiri Hindus?

Despite everything, I know where I would rather be.

But unless humanity stops blindly following its so-called leaders, whether religious, political or social in nature, and gets rid of its prejudices, there is little chance of real progress or peace, in Kashmir or elsewhere.

Nawaz. said...

Yaseen Mallik(Salutations to the general), Well son did you brush your mouth before taking this name? Better late than never. Talking about the brain well in case of me I am capable enough of deciding upon whom I choose as my leader, I don’t need advice to prevail over my thoughts you better save it for a distressful nation you live in, Yaseen Mallik who suffered thousands of tortures at the hands of Indian army’s brutal rule and to voice his opinion who shed gun just because it kills people whether Indians (Army personnel ) or Kashmiris, millions of arrests just for the reason of his patriotic build up if he marries a Paki bride or an Indian it makes no difference it is just a marriage and it has nothing to do with patriotism or the outlook of a person, for me as long as he strives for our nation Kashmir he is the leader, though pulling this topic over here reflects how seriously you need a thorough cleansing of thoughts and how corrupt you are is visible. Though here I would like to question your conscience ‘Mistah’ Bruised Indian, whom do you choose as your leaders? A bunch of buffoons who have a comic story and use God to build their party, tearing down an ancient Mosque along the way! Hilarious (Note: 3,000 people were killed in the making of this party but no cow was harmed.) or for that matter you follow a deranged young man from a rich family (Varun), who wants to take revenge on ‘Bart Mata’ but does not know why unfortunately maybe because he was dropped on his head as a Kid for failure to submit his homework. He has short term memory loss and cannot remember anything he has said at rallies or maybe the old Don, a tragic story of once powerful man in the winter of his life. This dark masterpiece captures Don Thackeray’s sadness as he sees his decline through one incapable son who stays with him while the other one, no Einstein either but at least better looking, goes away to form his own gang, great people of India and a great crowd with brilliant brains.Well son I guarantee you a day when the crown of ‘Bharat mata’ will be taken off oh no I here do not mean the same sequence whatever happened with draupadi, I refer to Kashmir as In crown. The crown surely belongs to Kashmiris not the veer fucking jawans who surrender their bunkers to a mob armed with stones, Heights or veerness when they rape women who are farming forgetting the fact that their women can be a prey to the so called worlds largest democracy. The veer jawan protects you because he has no food to eat at home, his father spent all cash in quenching his thirst for alcohol it has nothing to do with patriotism. Patriots are we, without any evil love for worldly things or assets our youth laid down their lives, for a better Kashmir or for that reason a Kashmir which can be termed as a paradise and stop making a joke of yourself by calling Kashmir as an Integral part that adds one more Indian into the list of fools and liars, you have been politically blind folded you believe in whatever mister L.K Advani speaks in those rallies which are just focused to gain attention and votes. I wonder L.K Advani on one hand showers choicest curses on Pakistan and on the other hand he praised Mister Jinnah on his visit to Pakistan. To hell with both of you India and Pakistan I am concerned with my Kashmir. I love it and it belongs to none neither India nor Pakistan.

I would really love to bring into notice the fact about kashmiri pandits it has been revolving since a long time over here, It all started in the year 1989 I saw my friend leaving his home in late afternoon at 4 pm that day and when I asked him he staunchly replied he was leaving Kashmir because of the prevalent situation forced him to. According to census 290 of the Pandits died, I have very affectionate vibes from the core of my heart for all of them and as well for all of them who left their motherland and I really want them to return and give Kashmiri Muslims a chance to hug them with their open bosoms and arms. They are living in exile and it makes me have a soft corner for them all. Though one more fact here is that around a million Muslim youth died at the hands of the army of India, you people mention this nowhere and I say whoever among the Pandit brethren died , the sole reason was India, The government of India those days hired some local hooligans and signaled them to brutally kill some of the Pandits so that they flee the land and the government of India could mercilessly kill Muslims in the valley without having to wait and find out if the person killed is a Muslim or a Hindu. Genocide against the Muslims of Kashmir was in progress and once again the most corrupt media which is an integral part of Bharat plus its politicians managed to fool the public and continue with their policy. Though the blood and tale of the one lakh youth plus more than fifty thousand disappeared youth goes untold and unnoticed, those 290 Pandits made the difference and the whole of India cries for them and their tale is exaggerated they get a preference everywhere they go, they get a quota in colleges and aptitude entrance examinations all over India they live in posh areas ( except for the few living in Jammu refugee camps) all over India and have a high lifestyle courtesy the policy of Indian government towards them, while an old mother in Srinagar still wails just to know of the whereabouts of her son a Pandit mother has no reason to worry because those 290 Pandits value much more than what 1 lakh Muslim youth value. (To be continued.)
Regards : )

Nawaz. said...

Well to address your 'Wet dream philosphy' I would like to remain silent so as to try and not to hurt your sentiments because your esteemed and highly respected Bharat Mata is involved somehwere along those dreams ;)Regards :)
Long live Kashmir.

Haya khan said...

Nawaz you are doing great work three cheers for you!


@ Nawaz;
I had written a reply / rebuttle to you a few days ago; however I dont think it went down well with Mayank, talk about freedom of speech. No! I hadnt abused you or insulted any Prophet or Allah (SWT) HIMSELF, unlike you, who included a reverred Goddess like Bharat Mata in your oration thru your demonic mind, but it could have shut you up for sometime; or till the time your wounds would have healed by your constant licking.

Soofi: if your man enough, send Nawaz a private message with my previous comment which you moderated / censored.

Oh! I forgot, you aint a man to begin with.

iqra nehvi said...

maaayaannk pleeeeeeeese i want ahmad's phone number or email address,please do me a favour.From school time rap star transforming into freedom idol,amazing fellow.I REALLY DIG THIS DUDE.Me a big big fan.

ashMAX said...

So now what? Mr. Nwaz?
There is a chance--some times the best choice, is the most hated one--we the bastard Indian fuckers are
Waiting for u, with open arms, most of us are kaffirs-pandits, Hindus veggies.
We welcome you to our dirty cities, u won't get the cool of Kashmir here, but u will get something more-
Precious-oppportunities bring your business here; make money take it back home to Kashmir.
Let this money translate in to power--use this power to bend the politicians in your way--make ur presence
felt in the INDIAN LOKSABHA!
There are many like me,
When there is KashmirI stall in the exhibition--we go and buy from there--knowing
that this well help some way to kasmiris.
My friend was not able to eat food when he saw the poverty in Kashmir during his stay there.
My neighbour (Hindu) gave her flat on the rent to kasmiri students, dispite stiff
opposition from local BJP MLA.
We have formed a small association, in Dombivali (Mumbai) in which we help KashmirI businessmen,
in whatever ways it is possible.
On 26th july2005 when the whole Mumbai was sinking, my boss gave refuge to 5 KashmirI businessmen
in his flat, rescuing them from the ground floor flat
one of the students-a KashmirI at my college hostel- -got food poisoning at a hotel--the whole hostel
turned up at the hospital, to wish him speedy recovery
Do u want more Mr.Nawaz? u will get it!
But Oh! yes u want azzadi at any cost. fine ! i guess u already have it!
all u need to do is close the door with India, put a big lock on it so that it will never open again

Nawaz said...

Mister Bruised Indian,I am keen to read 'rebuttal',The wounds better be open they are fuel to the fire.

Nawaz said...

I wonder why my reply for mister ashMAX was not made available, though I was not profaine anywhere along the conversation.Mister mayank I would love tfrom you for this reason,Being the blog owner does not mean that you can do things your way.There was nothiing un-ethical in my reply it was crystal truth.

Nawaz said...

My bad,please read :"Mister Mayank I would love to hear from you for this reason" in the previous post.


sama said...

ahmed,i understand your anger but hatred is not gud,we can make a world a better place by love.Even if u become a pilot 2mrw,that wont change the hearts of those people who have made comments against u.Show love and it wil do all the magic.

Mudit Khurana said...

I have been reading everybody's posts. I am ashamed to say that the people who are talking about "9/11 pilot in training" thing exist in my country.

All the comments got me thinking and I would like to share my thoughts.

I started to think that many acts of human rights violations have been committed by the Indian Army and this shit is surely happening. Nobody can deny that. But then I started to think that the issue has two levels to it. 1) Micro and 2) Macro. Think over this for a second, in the micro perspective Kashmiris are being killed and many acts of human rights violation are being committed and this is unjust. The presence of military and such heinous acts committed by them have ignited a patriotic, nationalistic flame in Kashmiris. They want Azad Kahmir and ideally if the people want it they should get it. But there is a practical macro side to this whole issue which is being overlooked and that is that Kashmir is highly strategic for India and Pakistan.

Mudit Khurana said...

None of them can give up their struggle at acquiring Kashmir, because that would mean a national security threat to the two countries. So the fact of the matter is that India at no cost can give kashmir away for its own security reasons. having said that, it does not mean that Kashmiris cannot do anything. They can. They can fight for their development and growth rather than their status. They can channel their energy towards becoming a rich state, once Kashmiris start doing that they will automatically gain a standing and say in the issues of self and rest of India's governance. After all, what is a government, it is nothing but a huge business house and whether we like it or not only money speaks in this world. So for Kashmiris the fastest way to becoming a rich state is in channeling its energy towards their industry and commerce. It's true that Kashmiris would still rather concentrate on their freedom for now, however consider these issues first. Post independence, Kashmir will be bordering three enemy states. Pakistan, India and China. It will have to deal with infiltrations. fundamentalism will be used to keep the region in check and under control by the neighboring countries. Kashmir will not be capable of dealing with it unless it allies with US, which will end up making Kashmir a pawn in USs geopolitical strategies. Actually it will end up becoming a pawn anyway, India itself is one, but it still has a say because it has the economics behind it. China does not give shit, and US cannot do anything to China, I leave that to you to decide why. So whatever Kashmiris do they have to put a lot of thought into it. Independence will leave you with drained resources and support and also in the short term Azad Kashmir will have to deal with increasing levels of poverty. Short term means many years BTW. Think about Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. All are having severe economic crisis. Kashmir in that sense is lucky at a macro level because it has India as its foundation and India is booming. Use that foundation not for anyone else but your own growth. "Time aane par gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai" toh banaao sirr... and concentrate on becoming a key economic player especially because Kashmir has the potential of harnessing its resources but that is not without the infrastructure, which only Indian backing can provide Kashmir with. All this can only be done by the people of Kashmir not by anyone else. People of Kashmir need to work and manipulate the government to their own accord. The government by itself never gives a shit. They only care about staying in power. Private Industry players have to rise and uplift the economy, which can only happen if people start concentrating more on economic issues rather than the political issues. And the day Kashmir becomes a key economic player, even the business house will have to salaam, listen and concede to its star employee. So use the foundation that exists, which is a good one. I reiterate that it might not be a great foundation at the micro level but at macro level it is, and this strength can be used to rectify the micro level issues. Macro level is where the politics is played, that is where people are heard and get a say. It is all about economics and politics. It disheartens me to say this, but such is the nature of this world. Rulers dnt give a F*** about the average person, unless they matter to them, so make yourself matter Kashmir. Gain a say, abuse when you are being heard. Otherwise these abuses are falling on deaf ears.

I hope I am not offending any Kashmiri, these are merely my meditations on the issue, they could be wrong but I feel that they are worth a thought. At the heart of it I only want to see the people of Kashmir happy and prosperous. In the present situation, as the world is today, it seems more practical and possible for Kashmir to achieve that prosperity by siding with India than by fighting for independence or by siding with Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Azad~ The final solution !!