Monday, November 23, 2009

Photo Essay – Celebrating Arundhati Roy

The Delhi walla's pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls - Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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On the Delhi-based author's 48th birthday.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi

November 24, 1961. That’s when Arundhati Roy was born. On her 48th birthday, The Delhi Walla presents a few Delhiwallas seen with The God of Small Things, Ms Roy’s first novel.

In Nizamuddin East (A Hindustani classical singer, his mother is always upset with him for not being as crazy for books as she is)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Defence Colony Market (An India-born Tibetan, she has seen Julia Robert's Pretty Woman more than a dozen times)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Videocon Tower, Jhandewallan Park (A radio jockey, she loves talking about Jane Austen's women and men, off the air)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Nizamuddin Basti (A butcher by trade, he is in love with two girls)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Connaught Place (Fond of Arundhati Roy's political essays, he died of cancer in 2009)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Kasturba Gandhi Marg (A Bombay-based book collector and seller, he can get you any book you want)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Jorbagh (Thanks to her passion for EM Forster's A Room With A View, she always address friends as 'Dearest')

Reading Arundhati Roy

Near Barakhamba (Although carrying the persona of a non-bookish South Delhi girl, she secretly reads Alice Munro)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Lodhi Garden (A small-town boy, he aspires to be India's most famous model)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Majnu ka Teela (Inheritor of a Tibetan restaurant, he wants to make a new life in USA)

Reading Arundhati Roy

At St Stephen's Chapel (Her life is not known)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Nizamuddin Basti (One of the best qawwals in Nizamuddin Dargah, he is also a body-builder)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Hanuman Road (A no-nonsense Bengali girl, she often hauls up people peeing on roadsides)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Lodhi Garden (One of India's bestselling novelists, he is in love with Arundhati Roy's first novel)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Nizamuddin East (A long-haired, soft-spoken sufi, he married a Hyderabad girl on Arundhati Roy's 48th birthday)

Reading Arundhati Roy

In Ring Road (A convent-educated girl who grew up reading Sidney Sheldon, she married a Bombay boy on Arundhati Roy's 34th birthday)

Reading Arundhati Roy


Arunabh said...

Though I cant understand and laugh off Ms Roy's strange support for the wrongdoers on the earth - Terrorists, Maoists and anything anti Hindu.

But I do feel its people like her who are an integral part of our system. After all dissent and debate are the cornerstones of our democracy and I respect that.

Anyways Happy Birthday to her and I wish her a long life.

PS: I would become a fan of her if one day she also takes up the issues of Kashmiri pandits (minorities) with equal zeal :-)

binu said...

people from different walks of life loves reading Arundhati Roy.i too love reading her.In Nepal,after release of her novel GOD OF SMALL THINGS, many people thought she was communist hater and some communist fanatics didn't like reading her. I too bump into one of communist fanatics, i said i love reading arundhati Roy. He disgustingly said Roy launched propoganda against communist.But now she is viewed as communist sympatizers.

I searched about the meaning of her name some yeras ago, and i found Arundhati means wife of 7 Rishimunis in hindu is mentioned in Sriswasthani Barta Katha.

Rajiv said...

pyaaaar diwana hota hai ,mastaana hota haiiiiii.hahhahahah b day bhi yaad hai soofi sahab ko:).

HAPPY B DAY MAAM JI.may awl ur dreams cum true

Magnus Linde said...

Happy Birthday, AR. Thanks for sharing, Mayank!

mao said...

She's one of my favorite authors...this is a beautiful tribute. Were the pictures taken at different times or was this specifically designed for this photo essay?

Inayat said...

That's nimpipi in the jeans and black top! Yaay!