Thursday, April 15, 2010

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

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City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

An urban refuge.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

A smoggy traffic square that was once dreaded by commuters for its long jams has become an unlikely urban haven. On one grassy slope, a group of women is playing kabaddi. On another, a cricket match is on. A few furlongs away, a badminton game is nearing its end. Across the road, the electric signboard of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) is blinking red and green. Meanwhile, cars are speeding in all four directions - Dhaula Kuan, Ashram, INA Market and Green Park. It’s just another late summer night in Rajiv Gandhi Setu.

Popularly known as the AIIMS flyover, the nine-lane signal-free traffic interchange on the Ring Road is now also a place for Delhiites to unwind. “It’s so green,” says Yogesh Verma, a college student, who comes here daily from Kidwai Nagar West, a nearby neighbourhood.

Opened in 2003, Rajiv Gandhi Setu, named after a former Prime Minister, was a hideout for sex workers and drug addicts. Completely sanitized of the low life, the place now pulls in family crowd – from cousins and aunties to grannies and pet dogs - making it an open-sky social beach in night-time Delhi.

There are hardly such spaces in the city. Most parks close their gates by 9 pm. Of course, that doesn’t make the slopes of the Setu comparable to the sprawling expanse of India Gate, which too remains alive till late hours. The AIIMS flyover will never attract people from all over Delhi. The gardens here are not large and being at the centre of the traffic intersection, there is no parking facility. Almost all the late-night regulars live in the vicinity and they come here rather casually - as part of their after-dinner evening walk.

“It’s very open here and you feel less hot,” says Uma Kumari, a Kidwai Nagar housewife, taking a break from the kabaddi match. Most people here come from Kidwai Nagar, though The Delhi Walla also met five young wall-painters from Kalu Sarai Village, two miles away, near IIT flyover. “We boys live together and when we come to this park and sit among the families here, we think of our people back home,” says Mohammad Ramzan, one of the painters.

Amid a network of flyovers, loops and slip roads crisscrossing the area, the hillocks in the traffic intersection have been landscaped with grass, flowers and plants, so that you don’t feel the smog. By 9 pm, the evening rush hour thins to a trickle and the temperature drops. The water sprinklers keep the grass wet and the air fragrant with the scent of damp earth.

The Setu’s popularity also indicates the lack of open gardens in the city’s nighbourhoods, which is why residents choose to take the risk of crossing busy highways to reach a place such as this.

“When there was no park here, we would hang out around a gumbad (a domed monument) in Kidwai Nagar,” says Yogesh. “But there was no place to sit. We couldn’t lie down on the grass like we do here.”

As part of the landscape, the gardens also have a couple of ‘steel sprouts’ installations that have been criticized on grounds of aesthetics. The regulars don’t mind. Children love climbing the long ‘stalks’ of these sprouts. “But we have some demands,” says housewife Saroj Kumari. “We want at least one security guard and four dustbins.” Also a few ice-cream wallas, please.

Where Near AIIMS Best time 9 pm to 11 pm

On the crossroads

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Beautiful evening

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Green and open

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Aunty's night out

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Urban getaway

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Band of brothers

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Balcony view

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Kabaddi, kabaddi

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

So peaceful

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

The homesick painters from Kalu Sarai

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road

Bye bye, brother

City Landmark – Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Ring Road


mystic darvesh said...

This surely is one of many new good additions to the city of Delhi.I always felt this is the most beautiful of all the flyovers.

I have moved on and no more a Delhiwalla.However,your Delhiwalla pieces takes me back to the city I loved so much...

Anonymous said...

A short story inspired by Mayank's photos -

Evening Walk

The smell of freshly mowed grass lingered in the hot dry air. As she took the rounds of the park, the evening sky was a deep ocean blue and a few early stars shone brightly. There were children playing cricket and volleyball in the park. Traffic zipped past outside the boundary of the park. The billboards were lighted up displaying cricket stars posing for soft drinks and insurance brands.

She took her fifth round, trying not to breath too deep as dust too lingered in the air, kicked up by the children or the lawn-mowers. The ground on the other side of the jogging path was covered with tinder dry leaves which rustled with the wind. Where was her friend? She had fixed to meet up with her at 7.

Her friend strode up behind her a few minutes later. There was so much to talk about. College gossip, weight loss updates, family concerns, latest hot nail color. And the new mall which was going to open in the neighborhood soon. Was there going to be a gym in the mall? How about a book store? Just yesterday they had seen a well known department store put up their signboard in the mall.

They stopped to look at the traffic after some time. “Oh look, a Nano!”, her friend squealed. Just then a motorcycle backfired. They both ducked instinctively. “What was that? I thought someone fired a shot!”, she said. They realized the mistake, and burst out laughing. It was nearing 8, and after a few minutes of checking the news on their cell phones, they said goodbye to each other.

zeevie said...


DoctorGenius said...

Gr8 post sirjee..Was a Pleasure to read n get lost in the words
Nvr seen this place from such a Pt of View..Even tho i live Damn close-by n pass the stretch on a Daily basis
Kudos to you.. :)

vipin said...

Many have criticised the "Sprouts". But at least something is better than nothing. More public art is required in this city in which hardly anything of beauty has been constructed post independence.

Kaushik Chatterji said...

I wonder how people esp. middle-aged ones manage to get there? Getting there is nearly impossible - unless you're dropped off and picked up by a vehicle. I remember having hard time crossing over - but that might have been due to it being 5pm.