Saturday, May 15, 2010

Capital Notice – An American Reader Partially Funds The Delhi Walla

The Delhi walla's pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls - Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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Peter Saal gifts a Flickr subscription.

[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; picture by Virendra Singh Gosain]

The pictures in the blogsite The Delhi Walla are uploaded through, the online photo management and sharing application. Last year an American called Peter Saal gifted a one-year subscription of unlimited Flickr services to The Delhi Walla. It meant that I could store and show any number of pictures to you.

I have never met Mr Saal. Why then was he spending his money for this blogsite? Mr Saal wrote:

Mayank's photography and prose are always illuminating. I have learned more about Delhi - socially, historically, and culturally - by viewing and reading Mayank's photographs and writings. His 'street photography' has a freshness that I have only encountered in the work of Raghubir Singh.

It was very flattering. As the subscription was coming to an end in May, 2010, I wondered if Mr Saal still feel the same about my work. When I contacted him asking if he would be interested in gifting me a subscription for yet another year, he e-mailed saying, “I'd be willing... how much is it?”

Why was he doing it? He said, “I admire your work.”

A history buff, Mr Saal visited India in June, 2006. Besides Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore and Hyderabad, he also came to Delhi. In our latest correspondence, he noted, “The Delhi Walla makes it evident that there were plenty of things that I didn't see (and many Delhi-ites probably don't know about). If the economy ever recovers, I would love to go back for an extended visit.”

Mr Saal, I’ll be your guide.


kanaka said...
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kanaka said...

i am an avid reader of your blog and i recently moved to bangalore after spening my best 23 yrs in delhi...sigh!!! how i miss it and how every word you type makes me nostalgic and makes me feel like i am right there in the very streets of delhi at the same time. I love it , and you do a good job bringing out the dilli out in all of us

Rima Kaur said...

you really do a good job. and i agree that many delhiites themselves don't know most places you feature on your blog. i am one of them too! congratulations for your subscriptions.

Rima Kaur said...


Nayantara said...

God willing, one day we'll have a gallery in your memory like Louvre is for Da Vinci

grant261 said...

Thank you, Mayank! Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

congratulations and celebrations....

and one more thing which is not related,what do u mean by 'a real academic' to ur room?ha ha ha
great yaar

Anonymous said...

congrats but pls upload pics on flickr,u uploaded on 12th last..:(

zeevie said...

teri to ash hai yaar:).Do more ash.GOD bless

Anonymous said...

ash bih hai aur cash bhi:)

Anonymous said...

smone pls fund RBR

heena said...

happy for you:)

mystic darvesh said...

Cheers Mate !!!!!!!!!