Monday, May 03, 2010

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The Delhi walla's pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls - Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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What Delhiwallas want.

[Text and picture by Mayank Austen Soofi]

The Delhi Walla spent an entire day browsing through several dating websites in which Delhiites are looking for what they presumably lack in their lives. Here’s a sample. It’s cheesy, raunchy and also sometimes moving. I haven’t made corrections to the grammar, spellings etc. This is Delhi's English.

Hi this is rahuuuul here.m staying n delhi east n m doing bba from ip university and m intsdtd n frndship and long term, not intsdtd in sex but one night stand will do."

Looking forward to meetin up wid witty and smart guys, not to sort U.N. issues but 2 jus simply hav fun wid;)"

I am a well setteled and well educated man, like to know people and life as it comes. i like honest stateforward people, who can be a good freind for sex."

I m smooth n silky versatile me near j.n.u. south delhi."

I have learnt ayurvedic massage if anyone wants something special in massage call me XXXXXXX."

M looking for a drag queen aged 20 to 35 who is sincere, discrete and polite. She should take a reasonable pride in herself and should be clean and hygienic."

I am sexy and i am from rohini."

I am looking for long time friendship with sex."

Looking for fun n friendship am in dwarka with place. Thanks."

I am a hot lesbian ..luking for the same.. if u dont match my standards, either forget me..or raise ur standards."

Give me your nector!"

Available only as a soulmate for some one who knows d meaning of living together & is interested in d same-not 4 long-term but 4 life-term. read profile with patience."

Horny Muscular guy in central delhi. Looking for Wild Sex. Workout at Fitness First, Connaught Place."


Anonymous said...

It would have been better if you have added the sexuality of these posters. Most are so ambiguous as whether they are posted on gay dating sites or straight ones. We need an elaboration to make this post more fun.

Kartik Gera said...

"workout at fitness first" LOL...these people have serious issues with ego...huh
They seems to be vain beyond repair...

DoctorGenius said...

Wtf..These are really Some CHEAPOss
They(I am sorry to use all these words here) SUCK..Big Big Time
I guess this kind of thing is all i am hearing since d morning today..
N d grammar..Cant stop laughing at that..But even that's something which is Really Really common amongst people..that is..People(Sorry again) Suck a lot in this area these days

Vishal said...

Have you run out of story ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hehe,nice. I met a rather self centered guy in Delhi who probably is the man behind (at least) two of those. Probably not the drag-queen one though.

Love your blog by the way! Greetings from Europe.

Sumanta Roy said...

This is so funny Mayank...but very shallow....not for your standard to write something like this!

Anonymous said...

Why are you having a go at masses? In 'their' English eh? I thought you'd be more sensitive and refrain from this 'othering' business.. this post of yours is self indulgent and voyeuristic.. Crap in other words.

Anonymous said...

I usually visit your blog, and don't comment. Just see the pics, read the stories, I know that is pretty mean, but I didn't know you had to write this to get a comment out of :p

Seriously, try abstaining from such posts, these needs to go up on a school kid's blog, yours is far superior and much classier.

Anonymous said...

hey .. this blog was quite boring and nasty too. i aint no delhiite but such dating messages come from people in all parts of india.. look up a regional site for other states.
chill dude .. the anti delhi rant is getting old

Anonymous said...

Oops!One of my friends suggested me to look Mayank soofi up!I am glad I did.:).I now know the route to success(or is it fame?)---live in nizamuddin basti and know correct ENGLISH grammar.
I am just a bit concerned though,are privacy rights exclusive to those who know correct grammar or may be spellings?